rauf runter

Restoration work and new creations by your guidelines.
Tradition and innovations are belonging together at our company.


In 1889 our company was founded in Freital near Dresden, the capital of saxony. Our experienced staff of well trained craftsmen feels obliged to tradition and preservation of historic buildings and monuments.


Naturally, the development of the lighting technology makes progress.
You may see it in our solutions leading to the future.


We can offer you a wide range of special lighting, chandeliers and metal fittings. We are also specialized in restauration work (chandeliers, ritual objects etc). We have also a long and varied experience in outdoor lighting especially for historical buildings and pedestrian precincts.


We regret that there is neither a catalogue nor a price list, because we are producing only special models on demand. It would be of assistance if you could supply us with further details of the products you are interested in. As soon as we receive the above information, we shall send you our quotation.